Siberian Sleddogs | Jack
Siberian husky, Sled dogs, Iditarod, Arctic, dogsled, Siberia
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Iditarod finishers, Our Dogs

About This Project

Born: 04.03.2010
NKK reg.: NO53641/12
Breeder: Hans-Christian Ørjestad


Jack is as reliable in the team as can be. He loves to run and eat and is always there. Never any problems or fuzz, never any trouble. Jack is calm and never stresses over anything – except from finally getting to go at hookup.


Jack likes everyone and is very fond of being cuddled and getting attention. He loves to run and play in the dogyard with his sisters Rotax and Honda and Honda’s daughters Civic and Prelude


Jack finished both the 2014 and 15 Iditarod easily.


Race participation:
2015 Iditarod. Finished


2014 Iditarod. Finished


2014 Copper Basin 300 (500km). Start-Sourdough (team scratched)


2013 Finnmarksløpet 500km. Start-Karasjok (300km)


2013 Femundløpet 400km. Start-Søvollen (250 km)