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Siberian Sleddogs Civic


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About This Project

Born: 25.07.2011
NKK reg.: NO56885/12
Breeder: Siberian Sleddogs

Civic, aka “Tiny” and “Brainy”. She may only be around 35 pounds but don’t be fooled by her size, she makes up for it with attitude. Civic has a drive like few and is a good leader.

She is extremely smart, and will certainly find out how to access any food however well hidden if left alone for a split second in the house or otherwise get in trouble. She figures out how to open and operate just about anything. Civic still has a hard time to resist the temptation of chewing her neckline to go on when excited – like under the Burled Arch in Nome…

She is very fond of her sister Prelude and mother Honda. They love to team up and wear out just about any of the other dogs in no time in the dogyard.

Race participation:
2015 Iditarod. Finished

2014 Nadezhda Hope Race, Chukotka, Russia (613km+343 to and from starting line). Finished
2014 Iditarod. Finished
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