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Siberian Sleddogs Prelude


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About This Project

Prelude would like to thank Patti Crawford for sponsoring her for the 2014/15 racing season!
Born: 25.07.2011
NKK reg.: NO56886/12
Breeder: Siberian Sleddogs

Prelude has a drive like few others in the team. She will let you know loud and clear that she is ready to run as soon as she sees her harness, and bounces of joy. Prelude thinks trailstops are absolutely unnecessary and should be avoided.


Prelude has her mother Honda and sister Civic at the kennel. They love to team up and wear out just about any of the other dogs in no time in the dogyard.

Race participation:
2015 Iditarod Ceremonial Start
2014 Copper Basin 300 (500km). Start-Sourdough (team scratched)
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