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About This Project

Snuppa would like to thank Sandra Dahl for sponsoring her for the 2015/16 season
Born: 16.03.2009
NKK reg.: NO40025/11
Breeder: Hans-Christian Ørjestad

Snuppa, our Superstar. She ran in lead every single meter of the 2014 and 2015 Iditarod as well as the ~1000km/600mi 2014 Nadezhda Hope race. Never dropped from a race she entered.


Snuppa always seems to know what we are thinking and never seems to get tired. She’ll lead the team through whatever trail, weather and conditions you may throw at her and always finds the best path.

She is happy to go wherever the trail may lead her and is always excited to see what’s around the next corner.

Snuppa is especially fond of the Bering Sea coast and windy conditions.


She is a very funny, happy and playful girl, likes everyone and is respected by all. Loves to chill out on the sofa or in bed

Snuppa has her mother Sisu and  her promising little sister Mira in our Kennel.

Race participation:
2015 Iditarod. Finished

2014 Nadezhda Hope Race, Chukotka, Russia (613km+343 to and from starting line). Finished
2014 Iditarod. Finished
2014 Copper Basin 300 (500km). Start-Sourdough (team scratched)
2012 Finnmarksløpet 500km. Finished
2013 Femundløpet 400km. Finished
2013 Finnmarksløpet 500km. Finished
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