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Siberian Sleddogs Mira


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About This Project

Mira would like to thank Elisabeth Lönnberg for sponsoring her for the 2014/15 racing season.
Born: 22.02.2012
NKK reg.: NO37910/12
Breeder: Siberian Sleddogs

Mira is our little, sweet girl. She is very soft and loves cuddles as well as chillin’ inside. But wait until it’s time to go running…

Mira is crazy in harness, hunts speed and despite of her size won’t have any of the big boys tell her how to do it. She is a very good leader – not really surprisingly as Mira is daughter of superleader, Sisu, and little sister of our superstar Snuppa.


Mira was dropped from the 2014 Iditarod in Takotna after ~500km due to a little sore shoulder very much against her will. She unfortunately didn’t get to join the 2015 Iditarod simply to limit the large amount of females in heat in the team as best as possible. There will be many more seasons and opportunities for Mira to go to Nome!


Race participation:
2014 Iditarod. Start-Takotna
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