Siberian Sleddogs | Race Results and Race Plans
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Race Results and Race Plans

2015 Race Plans

March 7th, 2015: Iditarod. View Yvonne’s profile here

Cancelled due to lack of snow – February 7th, 2015: Tustumena 200

January 3rd, 2015: Knik 200 Joe Redington Sr. Memorial Sled Dog Race. We’re 3rd on the musher list, view the entire list here

Race Results
2015 Iditarod Alaska, USA 1600km 53/78 Snuppa,Sisu,Isikajia,Honda,Civic,Najak,Ittoq, Jack,
2015 Knik 200 Joe Redington Sr. Memorial Sled Dog Race Alaska, USA 260km 11/30 Kost, Klut, Svolvær, Ittoq, Mini, Kasper, Jesper,Quimby, Sisu, Najak, Snehvit, Honda
2014 Nadezhda Hope Chukotka, Russia 650km 2/27 SnuppaKostSvolværIttoq, MiniKasperKruttJesper Civic
2014 Iditarod Alaska, USA 1600km 45/69 Snuppa,SvolværIttoq,Najak, Mini, Kasper, Krutt, Civic, Isikajia, Kost, Jack, Mira, Snehvit, Honda, JesperKongo
2014 Copper Basin Alaska, USA 500km scratched/sick dogs Svolvær, Snuppa, Kost, Mini, Kasper, Ittoq, NajakJack, HondaJesper, Prelude, Snehvit
2013 Finnmarksløpet Norway 500km 31/70 SisuSnuppaRotaxNajak, Honda KongoIttoqJack
2013 Femundløpet Norway 400km 59/100 SisuSnuppaRotaxNajak, KongoKoksIttoqJack
2012 Finnmarksløpet Norway 500km 51/70 KongoKoksSnuppaSvolvær, Togo (AH), Stich (AH), Varg  (AH), Donald (AH)

* Please not that our race results indicate the overall place of all starting teams, not the place of the usually very few starting Purebred teams.