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Siberian Sleddogs Snehvit


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About This Project

Snehvit would like to thank Mary McCready for sponsoring her for the 2014/15 racing season
Born: 25.08.2011
NKK reg.: NO50447/11
Breeder: Siberian Sleddogs

Snehvit (Snow White) was the only light colored puppy in her litter, which is how she got her name. She is reserved to strangers, but sweet and very loving once you get to know her.

A funny, smart girl that loves to talk, cuddel and play with her brothers Krutt, Kasper, Mini and Jesper.

Very expressive and smart. She is developing into a good leader with a bright future in the team. Snehvit was dropped from the 2014 Iditarod in Nikolai. She unfortunately didn’t get to join the 2015 Iditarod simply to limit the large amount of females in heat in the team as best as possible. There is no doubt that she will be smiling and wagging her tail on the trail to Nome soon!

Race participation:
2015 Knik 200 Joe Redignton Sr. Memorial Sled Dog Race, Alaska, USA (260km)

2014 Iditarod. Start-Nikolai
2014 Copper Basin 300 (500km). Start-Sourdough (team scratched)
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