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About This Project

Oki would like to thank Sandra Dahl for sponsoring her for the 2015/16 season

Born: 22.04.2007
Breeder: Okami’s
NKK reg: S38056/2007


Okinawa (Oki), our Shiba Inu. Self proclaimed King of the Arctic and the Universe. The one and only. He has peed on more places than a lot of people ever get to, from Austfjordneset at 79 degrees North on Spitzbergen via the Arctic Circle in Sweden and Norway and all the way down to 50 degree North in Mainz, Germany.

He has lived on Spitzbergen and mainland Norway, visited Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Canada (both BC and the Yukon) and the US and has now taken sovereignty over Alaska.

Loves to sleep behind the oven or in bed and does not see any point in getting up before 1pm. His biggest idol and hero is always going to be Silver, a huge, fluffy, wonderful, sweet and patient Greenlandic dog in the first pack he was a member of on Svalbard. Oki is Isikajia’s best friend, soulmate and little big brother.