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Siberian husky, Sled dogs, Iditarod, Arctic, dogsled, Siberia
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About This Project

Kongo is enjoying retirement from our raceteam and enjoys hunting and mountain trips together with a friend of ours and another Siberian Husky.
Born: 10.10.2006
NKK reg.: NO34317/10
Breeder: Hans-Christian Ørjestad


Kongo is the oldest dog in the kennel and by far the biggest clown that will make you laugh. He is always happy and smiling. Kongo may not be the smartest leader but he is an honest and very hard worker, giving it 100% at all times. Loves to run around and play in the dogyard as much as food and cuddles.


Race participation:
2015 Iditarod. Start-Manley

2014 Iditarod. Start – Finger Lake


2013 Finnmarksløpet 500km. Start-Karasjok (300km)


2013 Femundløpet 400km, finished


2012 Finnmarksløpet 500km. Start-Karasjok (300km)